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spinbluemagic's Journal

Spin Blue Magic
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spinbluemagic is the fan fiction writing journal of etoilegyrl. Here you will find stories of varying length from several fandoms in various stages of completion. There are also prompts, claims tables, and notes for future stories. Most posts are unlocked, except for those containing notes and snippets for future posts. If you do not wish to view those posts, you can watch the community without joining it.

Older fics can be found at my fanfiction.net account here. They may be moved here soon.

Prompts and Claims:

* Vincent Valentine and Cid Highwind:
- FanFic 50
- 30_memories

* springkink 2008:
- February 22> (In Progress)

Rinoa Fanwork-a-thon
- Notes and Prompts

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